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The Secrets to Writing Good Sales Copy


Of all the content that is created online, the sales copy is probably the most important. And that’s probably because it is the means through which visitors are converted to buyers.

Sales copy that doesn’t convert consist of words that may be nice to read, but don’t grab people’s hearts and make then desire your products, no matter what the cost to them.
So what separates good sales copy from everything else? Here are 7 ingredients.

1. It is written in a personal style.

Let’s imagine that you sitting across the table of a friend of yours in a coffee shop. You’re having a conversation. What words are you using? How do you talk with that person?

2. And because it is written in a conversational style, the sentences are short.

3. Social proof

No one likes to take risks with their money. And so no matter how good an offer sounds, prospects often are reluctant to be the first one try out a new product.

That’s why anytime a customer tells you what a great job you did, you must be sure to get a testimonial.

4. The copy is written from the standpoint that “I know exactly the problems you face”. And then it goes on to tell them what they are and engages in a bit of a mutual commiseration
5. It reminds prospects of the frustrations that that they and the writer of the copy have felt in trying to solve the problem.

6. It leads potential buyers from where they are to where they need to be in order to want the product.

The sales copy feels like a story when you read it: here is the problem you have and I can solve it.

Then, a bunch of testimonials from people who affirm that you are telling the truth.

That is followed by a description that brings out how it makes you feel when you’re not being able to overcome that one problem. From there it asks you how you would feel if you surmounted your problem.

It’s at this point that hope begins to emerge. Added that hope are the typical objections that people have to buying the product, which you answer skillfully.

If you time this correctly, then you’ll be addressing prospects at exactly the time when your readers are having them. And that you make them think that you are reading their minds.

7. The next part summarizes the problem that the product will solve, and then removes the risk by offering some sort of guarantee. Bonuses, if there are any, are offered here.

The purpose of this part of the letter is to make you feel that feel that you’d be crazy not to buy the product.

Then the offer is made.
The sales copy is usually in the form of a letter, but the story element makes those who start to read it, feel compelled to read the rest of it.

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