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Organic Vs Paid Traffic Source


This is the holy grail of any online business. Having an optimised site is just part of the overall picture. Finding those visitors flooding your site is what bring in the revenue. Here are some points to consider

  • Choosing the right digital agency to help you along this road is probably the most important step. Finding the right correlation between your budget and your expectations and the timeline provides a solid foundation to move forward. There are effectively two options consisting of paid and organic traffic source.
  • Getting the right balance between paid (PPC) and organic (SEO) is crucial and is primarily dependent on a number of important factors.



SEM Strategy Options

Paid Traffic (PPC)  Vs

Search Engine Optimisation


Your budget determines your most beneficial option. If you have no budget for the paid ads, you need to stick to organic search engine optimisation route. If on the other hand, you have some budget for paid ads, it is well worth including it into a SEM plan.



Effective Copyrighting

Short Vs Long Term

PPC is generally used to generate immediate traffic and is more suited for the short term tactical gain. It gets results immediately in so far as bringing visitors to your site but it soon vanishes as once your budget is exhausted. It is ideal for A/B testing of offers or new product launch and any marketing feasibility.


Quantity Vs Quality

This is largely dependent on your goal. PPC brings an immediate flood of traffic (optimised set up of a PPC campaign is crucial at this stage) whereas SEO promotes a more longer term relationship with your client base and is intended to create trust and authority in your field over a much longer period.

 If you are looking for an almost instant result, then look into investing in PPC. If alternatively, you want a more continuous and long term traffic source, SEO is you best option.

In summary, each approach is not a simple choice and offer their own separate benefits and value. The correct choice depends on your circumstance and objectives of your campaign.




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