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 The Foundation Of a Successful Website,Data & Analytics

Track & Measure Performance

In today`s digital market, consistent tracking & measurement of a number of important indicators are critical ingredients of a successful website. Data & analytics are the foundations of a burgeoning website. It is the only way to realistically measure & improve the performance of any given website. It provide a better user experience for your visitors.Happy visitors will keep coming back and bring more happy visitors with them.

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Source & the number of visitors

This is the central metric and demonstrates the level of visitors and the route by which they managed to land on your website. It is crucial to keep a constant and regular look out for the troughs and the peeks of the visitor numbers and the source of the traffic. We offer a regular reporting of this and many other indicators in our SEO plans

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Bounce Rate

The number or percentage of visitors who end up leaving your site after looking at one page and generally do not spend adequate time on your site. This is how Google explains it.There are a number of factors that could be the cause of this major problem and needs to be thoroughly investigated and resolved quickly. It is astonishing how many website owners are totally oblivious to this problem and are probably unaware of its existence.

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CTR Click-Though Rate

Click Through Rate involves the number of people who end up visiting a specific area or page on your site through a third-party link. These links include search engines, advertising, emails etc.…It is important to have a Calls- To- Action area on your site and direct the visitors to it for them to take a specific action and do what you want them to.

Effective Web Development Solutions

Conversion Rate

Conversion Rates apply to a number of different web properties. These include Landing page conversion rate, email conversion rate, customer conversion rate or lead conversion rate.It all adds up to one very important concern for any website owner. Converting those visitors is like the oxygen supply of the business without which the future of the business is jeopardised.

To Summerise

 The KPI (Key Performance Indicator) of any website is the data & analytics dependent. It is the main reason for none performing website since no information is gathered or analysed and consequently no action is taken to remedythe ills of those sites. Finding the right digital agency to help with your online assets is critical and avoids the negative aspects mentioned earlier.

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