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Paid Traffic Versus Organic Traffic – Which is a Better Investment?
If you are like most people, then there is only one place you go to when searching for answers online – Google. As the biggest search engine today, Google represents two valuable traffic sources that marketers can get the traffic and leads they need. These two traffic sources are paid search and organic search. Now while you have two traffic sources, the question is which of the two is better investment?
Paid Search and Organic Search – The Key Differences
There are two main methods for acquiring traffic from paid search and organic search. These two methods are search engine marketing or SEM and search engine optimization or SEO. You can read more about SEM and SEO to understand how they each differ from each other. Focusing more on paid search and organic search, this article strives to bring focus on the differences between the two.
Remember whenever you type a question or enter a keyword into Google’s or other search engine’s search box? All the links listed below the ads in search engine results pages are “organic” results. These results appear based on the page’s quality and the relevance of content. If your traffic comes from people who clicked links from organic results are “organic search traffic” or organic traffic, in short.
Quality Inbound Traffic
Between paid traffic and organic traffic, the latter is what most people consider to be valuable traffic source. Why? There are varying reasons for that. For instance is in the case with Google. Being the biggest search engine, it directs the biggest and highest amount of traffic. At the same time, most people trust Google as source when researching a purchase.
More than this, the giant search engine is known for being precise when it comes to rankings. That means landing on the top results of Google means you content is definitely high quality. Quality is what organic traffic offers but the downside is getting indexed takes time. That means generating traffic from organic search takes time as well.
Immediately Place at the Top of SERPs
In contrast with organic traffic, there is paid search. Paid traffic comes from accounts of companies paying to appear at the top of SERPs. These are traffic earned unlike the way others did by improving their content and doing all sorts of search engine optimization. Over the years, organic search became extremely competitive and that resulted to popularity of paid search.
With paid search, there is no need for you to wait patiently until your SEO builds up. You can simply pay for the opportunity to be placed immediately on at page one of search engines like Google and Bing. The effectiveness of paid search is a wonder with about 70% of AdWords revenue accounting to this method.
Before, marketers avoid paid search since it is viewed to be more of outbound marketing method. Today, however, with the increasing competition in organic search as well as the presence of tools like HubSpot Ads, it is becoming common for paid search and organic search to work side by side. The fact is it would take 3 to 6 months before movement in search rankings happen but with paid search you can speed up the process.

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