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Understanding Pay –Per-Click Advertising – What Is It and How It Works
Do you see those advertisements appearing on the side of search results each time you search on Google and in other search engines? Those are PPC or Pay-Per-Click ads, a kind of advertising popular today. The truth about online marketing is that in order for your site to rank in Google organically, a lot of work is necessary.
It involves the kind of work where you need in-depth knowledge of how exactly sites are put together. However, that does not mean if you are not a web expert you cannot rank your site on search engines. You can do that with Google AdWords or simply through Pay-Per-Click campaigns. Many, however, remains confused about PPC and how it works.
How Does PPC Work?
In PPC, advertisers can display ads for goods and services each time a user type in relevant queries when searching on search engines like Google. Google AdWords is perhaps the most common PPC ads but there are other Pay-Per-Click ads now too such as Facebook ads, Bing ads and more. You probably already guess but with PPC, advertisers get paid only when a user clicks their ad thus the name.
In PPC campaign, for example Google, you pay them as much as you wish order for them to include list of ads from your site. These ads are displayed at the top and right of the organic search listings. Whenever someone clicks your ad, you have to pay the Cost Per Click or CPC from your funds. When your fund is finally depleted, you will need to replenish it or Google will stop running your ads.
Besides Google AdWords, there plenty of PPC Ads you can choose to include in your online advertising campaign. There are now Facebook ads and Bings Ads with the use of PPC, an effective strategy and super simple strategy for driving low-cost traffic to your site. Pay Per Click ads are certainly easy to implement, however, it can go into disaster if you rush the process and unfamiliar with the basics.
Some people new to the idea of PPC think that simply paying Google, Facebook, Yahoo or Bing to run more of their ads so they would appear more prominently is enough. This strategy does not work because ads are subject to Ad Auction. What Ad Auction is, is an automated process that Google along with other search engines use for determining the validity and relevance of ads appearing on search engine rank pages.
Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads or Yahoo Ads
Google Ads are clearly the most popular choice but who’s to say that other PPCs might not work for you? Google AdWords is not the sole PPC tool out there and surely at some point you will want to try and look at others. Bing has a considerable market share that although not as impressive as that of Google, it continued to grow each year.
Aside from Bing, Facebook, which is essentially a social media network, continues to grow as well. These two platforms use similar keyword strategy that can increase your PPC ads revenue. If you are looking for new Pay Per Click campaign to add with your Google AdWords, it does not hurt to try both or either Bing Ads and Facebook Ads.

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